MYSTIQUE SOUND SOLUTIONS, Inc. St. Paul, MN is proud to announce it has taken delivery of an arena sized Adamson Y-Axis line array concert sound system with Adamson’s T21 subwoofers.

MYSTIQUE, founded in 1993 by Jay Morreale as a sound equipment manufacturer and theater sound company is now expanding its capability into the arena, multi-stage festival tour and corporate venues. MYSTIQUE is the only sound company in the tristate area with the Adamson system. The system is highly sought after by major production managers for tours such as Linkin Park, Jay-Z, John Legend, Nelly Furtado, Foo Fighters and others because of the superior sound quality and the power handling of the speakers. The use of Kevlar is also an important factor making the speakers virtually indestructible. According to Bryon “Hotdog” Tate, Jay-Z’s lead front of house engineer, “The T21 subs are amazing – they are flat out the best I’ve ever heard. If they can handle the Jay-Z show, they can handle anything!”

Jay Morreale, MYSTIQUE owner and veteran sound engineer carefully chose Adamson’s Y-10 and T21 subs after first consulting with some of the most well renowned sound engineers in the world. The overwhelming opinion was that the Adamson system produced the highest quality, consistent sound in live settings.

“We are very excited to be able to expand into the arena, festival and corporate markets at this time. We can offer superior sound quality to local and national venues with the most current state of the art equipment at reasonable prices. There couldn’t be a better time to be getting into a market where costs are a preeminent concern for event producers. Quality sound no longer needs to be sacrificed to meet your budget.” Adamson based in Ontario Canada focuses on building Adamson Y-Axis Line Arrays which offer the best possible solutions to the complex questions of line array geometry. Sound chambers, waveguides, driver size and box angle are all critically optimized in the integration process of array design. Each of these components plays a significant role in the outcome.

MystiQue Sound Solutions is based in St. Paul, Minnesota. MystiQue specializes in production services for concerts, festivals and corporate events, sound reinforcement, video, staging, backline and lighting equipment. For more information, contact Jay Morreale 612-386-4738.

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