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2021 Music and Sound Production Trends

Anyone else ready to see a live show? Live concerts and music festivals are what we’ve missed the most these last few months. After last year’s cancellations and delays, bands and organizers are looking forward to producing events in 2021, and MystiQue Sound Solutions is looking forward to providing phenomenal sound production.

This year’s events are likely to look a little different from past concerts, due to both the pandemic and trends within the music industry. Here’s what our team is keeping an eye on this year.

Livestreaming Shows Will Continue Online

The pandemic forced many event organizers to move their live events online, either whole or in part. We’ve showed off a few of these events on our blog, including the drive-in graduation we produced for Benilde St. Margaret’s.

In 2021, we expect hybrid or entirely virtual events to be the norm. Bands may livestream their performances on their social media accounts for all to hear. Festival organizers may put together live events. While speaker towers and staging may not be needed for these events, performers still need professional audio equipment and sound production to sound their best online and put on a great virtual show. MystiQue has the equipment and the know-how to help you produce an exceptional livestream.

Genre Blending Will Be a Welcome Challenge

The longest-running number one single in history, Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” is the most recent example of performers blending musical genres. Genre blending in music is a growing trend for individual artists, and it is also a welcome challenge for sound production pros. Whether an artist blends genres in a single song or presents a mix of styles in their set list, every style of music requires its own sound production setup. Genre blending is a fun challenge for backline organizers, too, who may need to supply a synthesizer, a flute, and a grand piano in a single backline.

We’ll Get Back to Live Music

We’ve missed it, and we know you have, too. There’s nothing quite like the experience of a live show, no matter how well-produced a virtual event is. We think we’ll be back to rocking out at live concerts sometime this year. When that time comes, bands and organizers will want to put on a show no one will ever forget.

MystiQue Sound Solutions has the expertise, experience, and equipment to make your first live show after the pandemic one your audience will remember. Contact us today to learn more