Music Production Consulting

Put our 25 years of music production expertise to work for your next event.

Many music festivals or band concerts start out as DIYs. You have a great idea, but you’re on a shoestring budget. And while you’re passionate about your music, you’re not sure how to go about getting a stage ready or making sure every act in your festival will have the play time you promised them.

MystiQue Sound Solutions is here to help. We’re musicians ourselves, and we enjoy consulting with start-up music festivals and smaller acts to help them put on a great first event. If you’ve got a great idea for a show or festival, but you’re not sure where to start, give us a call.

Our Music Production Process

Not sure you want to handle the production yourself? Let’s talk. Every event is different, so our first step is to understand your venue, your audience, and most importantly, your performers. From there, we’ll put together a plan for how you’d like your venue staged, what lighting and rigging is required, whether or not your performers will need a backline, and a sound reinforcement design to make sure everyone in your audience has an exceptional experience.

Our crew arrives early to take care of all the labor. We’ll set up the stage, rig the lights, assemble the LED wall and audio equipment, and test everything to make sure it’s working up to our high standards. Our sound engineers will manage the sound reinforcement plan throughout the show, adjusting in real time as needed. After the final bows, our crew will disassemble everything, leaving the venue looking better than we found it.