Professional Event LED Lighting and Special Effects

Lighting, fog machines, lasers, hazers, & other event equipment rental for concerts, music festivals, & more in the Greater Minneapolis-St.Paul Metro

Lighting and special effects help you put on a great show for your audience and guests. From simple, warm lighting to a full-blown laser light show, MystiQue has you covered.

We use only the latest, greenest lighting technology to light up your event. Our LED fixtures along with intelligent controllers provide a complete rainbow of colors along with the ability to strobe as well as perform other functions. The power consumption of this LED technology is significantly less than that of traditional lighting systems, ensuring a superior lighting show while reducing the event’s carbon footprint.

Whether you’re planning a large outdoor music festival, an intimate concert, or a political convention in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro, we have the highest quality lighting solutions available.


Event Lighting Rental

Our lighting equipment is green, uses smart technology, and is rated for indoor and outdoor use. We can control your lighting and special effects remotely, too. Here’s a short list of lighting and special effects equipment we rent. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us.

MystiQue lighting solutions include state of the art brands and cutting edge technologies that:

  • Save Energy
  • Remotely Control DMX Lighting
  • Provide Intelligent Lighting Consoles
  • Outdoor rated IP65 Hi power LED fixtures RGBWA
  • Outdoor rated IP65 Hi power LED fixtures RGBWA/UV
  • TOURNado WiMAX QZoom 15W IP65 PAR w/Zoom
  • RoadHog 4
  • GrandMA 2
  • GrandMA Light
  • Jands Stage CL console
  • Moving Lights
  • Elation CUEPIX Blinders WW2
  • Christi Crowd Blinders
  • Atomic 3000 Strobes 208v
  • CYC Out LED Strobes any color
  • Co2 Jets
  • Confetti Cannons
  • Martin Hasers K1’s
  • Martin Foggers
  • Antari Z1520 RGB Color Fog
  • AtmosFEAR HEX Jets
  • Lasers
Lighting Console

Green Lighting Technologies

Our durable, high-performance 5-IN-1 LED Par Can is as tough as they come, while being incredibly efficient, both from an energy consumption and space perspective. This fixture offers superior color mixing abilities and brightness thanks to its 12 high-power, 15-watt, 5-in-1 RGBAW LEDs. Since each individual LED incorporates a red, green, blue, amber, and white chip behind a single lens, shadow artifacts and unevenness within the field are things of the past. Not only is going green good for the environment, it helps you put on a more enjoyable show.