Event Lighting Goes Green: Environmentally Friendly Event Lighting

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Hosting an event takes lots of resources. So when an opportunity arises to reduce that burden for their customers, the MystiQue team jumps on board. That’s why we’re excited about our line of sustainable event lighting. Not only does going green save energy, it often saves money, too.

Environmentally Friendly Lighting Performs Exceptionally Well

A common misconception is that going green sacrifices quality and performance. This is not the case with environmentally friendly lighting options. MystiQue carries a 5-in-1 LED PAR Can that stands up to abuse, the elements, and frequent use without sacrificing quality. This equipment provides superior color mixing and unparalleled brightness compared to its conventional counterparts.

The high-quality performance of environmentally friendly lighting is all thanks to LED technology. Behind each LED lens is a red, green, blue, amber, and white chip. This eliminates shadow and unevenness within the field of coverage and produces a bright, sharp light.

Want an added bonus? Since LEDs produce very little heat, performers can rest assured they won’t overheat on stage.

LED Event Lighting Saves Energy, Space, and Money

LEDs are incredibly energy efficient. They consume significantly less power than incandescent or fluorescent lighting options. LED lights require less casing than other PAR Can lights, packing a lot of performance into a small footprint. All of this efficiency ultimately saves you money. And since LED bulbs last years, it saves us money, too, which we then pass down to you.

Let MystiQue Help You Create an Environmentally Friendly Event

MystiQue Sound Solutions has provided event lighting, sound, and staging equipment for hundreds of events, from Super Bowl headline acts to phenomenal corporate events. Our equipment is state-of-the-art and our experts are the best in the business, and we’d love to put it all to work for your next event. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.


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