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Graduation Ceremony Ideas for a Hybrid Audience

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Most Minnesota high schools are holding their graduations in-person again this year. This is great news for local family and friends who wish to attend. But what about family members who live out-state or out-of-state?

For these folks, it may be helpful to offer livestreaming, a common solution schools used during the pandemic. That way, you can put on a great event for your in-person audience and sell virtual tickets to the event for out-of-town guests and family members. All you need is a trusted sound and video production partner like MystiQue Sound Solutions on your side.

Here are a few ideas we have for putting on a spectacular graduation ceremony for a hybrid audience.

In-Person Graduation Ceremony Ideas

When you’re hosting hundreds of family members at your school district’s graduation, it’s important that every audience member can see and hear the action, especially when their grad crosses the stage. Staging, stage lighting, large video screens, and professional audio equipment are very helpful for your in-person audience.

For staging and stage lighting, the larger the audience, the higher the stage should be. That way, people in the back row can see their graduating seniors with ease. This may require renting stairs or ramps so grads and speakers can step on and off the stage safely. If you are under a tent or indoors, stage lighting will illuminate the faces of graduates and speakers.

MystiQue Sound Solutions highly recommends using video screens to help your in-person audience see the action on-stage. This is helpful for small and large audiences alike. With video support, you can get close-up shots of speakers and smiling seniors as they receive their diplomas. Depending on the size of your audience, you may place the video screens on stage or within the audience seating area.

Professional audio production support is an essential element of any graduation ceremony. Professional-grade mics provide crystal-clear sound, and a professional speaker setup keeps feedback to a minimum while making sure everyone can hear your ceremony. The MystiQue Sound Solutions team can manage the audio production for your graduation ceremony from set-up to tear-down, including professional sound mixing during the event.

Graduation Ideas for Out-of-Town Guests

Many schools took their graduation ceremonies virtual in 2020 and 2021. While we’re all happy to be celebrating in-person this year, there’s no reason to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Livestreaming your graduation ceremony is an easy and effective way to increase your audience and include as many family members in the celebration as possible.

If you are already working with MystiQue Sound Solutions for your graduation video and audio support, feeding the video and audio to a livestream is easy. We always dedicate a team member exclusively to the livestream to ensure everything goes off without a hitch. If you choose, you can even record the livestream to offer to families as a keepsake.

Graduation ceremonies are back in-person this year. Include more people under the tent with a livestream of your in-person event. MystiQue Sound Solutions can show you how. Get in touch today.