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Sound Solutions for Your Corporate Event

You invest a lot of staff time and company resources into planning a spectacular corporate event. Between finding a suitable event space, booking a caterer, and arranging your agenda and speakers, it’s easy for you to forget about staging, lighting, and audio. But at the end of the day, your audience needs to see and hear your presenters. If they are unable to, it’s difficult to call your corporate event a success.

MystiQue Sound Solutions has years of experience helping businesses with their staging, lighting, and audio needs. Here are a few considerations to add to your event planning list to make sure your event has a big impact on your audience.

  1. Hire a team that has experience mixing the spoken word.

Sound mixing for the spoken word, such as a keynote speaker, is different from mixing for a big musical act or DJing a wedding. Partner with a sound company that has the experience and professional equipment to ensure everyone can comfortably and clearly hear your speakers. MystiQue Sound Solutions carries only the best brands in the business, and its talented sound engineers have years of experience managing sound for corporate events.

  1. Choose your mics wisely, then have a backup plan.

We’ve all been in meetings where the mics were too loud, too crackly, or didn’t work at all. Worse, we’ve all had the experience of ear-splitting feedback due to improper mic and speaker placement. MystiQue Sound can help you choose the best mic for your event, from stationary podium microphones to handheld wireless mics and headsets. Since we always come prepared, we’ll also suggest a backup plan for sound amplification so your event never experiences mic-related downtime.

  1. Elevate your speakers.

Staging is an essential element of any successful corporate event, but is especially important for large events featuring one or more speakers. Staging allows everyone to see and engage with your event’s speakers. It gives presenters a defined space to move around in if they tend to travel as they talk. If you are recording your event, staging helps your videographer maintain a clear view of the speakers and set up the most appropriate camera angles.

  1. Give the venue’s lighting a boost.

Venue lighting can leave much to be desired. Dim bulbs, poor recessed lighting, and shadowy corners can keep your audience and your speakers in the dark. Mystique Sound can assess your event location and recommend lighting to keep your speakers in the limelight.

Is sound, staging, and lighting part of your corporate event planning? If not, it should be. MystiQue Sound Solutions can take care of everything you need to make sure your presenters are seen and heard at your next corporate event. Contact us today to learn more about your options.

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