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The ADA, Staging, and Your Next Event

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As an event planner, you manage a million details leading up to the big day. The design of your event’s staging is likely one of the last things on your mind, and justifiably so. Even further from your mind are the federal requirements and regulations that may govern your event’s staging.

If you’re hosting an event in a venue that’s open to the public, your staging needs to comply with the ADA. If you didn’t know that, we don’t judge you. It’s not your job to understand ADA event staging requirements.

But it is ours. That’s why it always pays to partner with a staging and rigging expert like MystiQue Sound Solutions. Our decades of experience in the business means we’re experts in everything from providing exceptional sound amplification to making sure your event complies with the ADA.

What are the ADA requirements for event seating and staging?

The ADA requires you to provide accessible seating at your event. This includes providing ramps, platforms, railings, and supports to accommodate audience members with limited mobility.

The ADA also requires accessible routes to a stage when the design of the stage and seating area includes a path from the seating, to the stage, and back again. An example of this would be the stage of your kid’s high school graduation ceremony. It also requires an accessible route to connect the accessible seating and the stage.

Where do I rent ADA-compliant staging equipment?

MystiQue Sound Solutions is your connection for ADA-compliant staging equipment. We partner with Staging Concepts, the industry leader in ADA-compliant staging equipment, to provide you with event staging and seating that makes your event enjoyable for all audience members.

After speaking with you about the details of your event, we will include our recommendations for staging and seating along with our proposal for your sound and lighting needs. Depending on your venue, we may recommend portable ADA ramps, platforms, and railings to create accessible seating and staging areas.

MystiQue is an event staging and audio expert so you don’t have to be. Partner with us to create a powerful and enjoyable event for all audience members. Contact us today to discuss your event.

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