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Microphone on the sound mixer.To customize audio system in the event.

3 Things to Consider before Renting a Sound System for Your Wedding

If you’re in the throes of planning a wedding, it’s likely you’ve already picked a venue, a caterer, and a cake. But what about a sound system to ensure your vows and your maid of honor’s speech can be heard?

Sound systems aren’t glamorous, but they make a huge difference for your guests. Here are a few things to consider before you rent a sound system for your wedding.

  1. Will your ceremony be indoors or outdoors?

The amplification requirements for a wedding in a ballroom are different from those for a ceremony and reception held outside or under a tent. An outdoor ceremony is twice as hard to hear as an indoor one. Indoors or out, more rows of guests you have at your venue, the more likely you’ll need a professional sound system to help your guests hear your vows, readings, and the rest of the ceremony. MystiQue Sound has sound system solutions for indoor and outdoor wedding ceremonies to ensure your guests can hear every part of your program.

  1. Will you be hosting wedding guests who are hard of hearing?

The dinner is delicious, the wine is great, and the bride looks beautiful. But your loved ones are at your wedding to hear you exchange your vows, chuckle at the jokes your best man makes in his toast, and tear up at your dad’s remarks. They can’t experience any of those moments without proper amplification.

Even if you’re keeping your guest list under 50, you’ll want to mic the important moments of your ceremony and reception. Guests who are hard of hearing—and even those who are not—will appreciate the clarity a professionally configured mic and sound system provide.

  1. Will you have dancing after dinner?

DJs often come with their own speaker setup, but we’ve all had the ear-busting experience of sitting under sub-par speakers at a wedding reception. MystiQue can work with your live band or DJ to put together a sound system solution that will make them sound phenomenal without blasting your guests into outer space (unless that’s what you want, of course!).

Renting a sound system should be on your wedding planning to-do list. But you don’t have to become a sound expert to choose a great solution. Instead, rely on the professionals of MystiQue Sound Solutions to recommend, set up, and tear down the ideal system for your event. Contact MystiQue today for more information.

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