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How to Perform Like the Pros

You work hard and take your gigs seriously, just like the pros do. So how do the pros sound so much better than the rest of the bands out there? They invest in equipment that helps them achieve the best possible sound. Here three things you can do to improve your sound and start selling out venues just like the pros do.

Number One: Invest in your ears.

The number one thing you can do to improve your performances is invest in your ears. An in-ear monitor, or I – E – M, will help you sing better and play better. It’s what the pros use to sound great no matter the venue. Pros love I – E – Ms because they get consistent sound, intonation, and balance everywhere they perform. To compete with the best acts, invest in your ears.

Number Two: Clean up your guitar sound.

No, not the distortion you’ve perfected over the years. We’re talking about the ambient noise your amp mic picks up. To get the clean sound you’ve been looking for, MystiQue Sound Solutions can build an interface into your amp that feeds your sound directly into the speaker, eliminating the need to mic your amp. You and your audience will hear pure sound with no ambient noise.

Number Three: Go Wireless

It’s tricky, but if you’re dedicated to playing like the pros, it pays to go wireless. MystiQue Sound Solutions’ wireless guitar and mic connections give you the freedom to perform on stage without being tied down to a particular spot. Bring the house down without creating a frequency management nightmare for your sound engineer.

There you have it—three ways you can elevate your band. If you’re looking for a little help taking your performances up a notch, let’s talk. MystiQue Sound Solutions can take you to the next level.