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Adamson Speaker Systems: The Only Choice for Winter Events in Minnesota

High-quality sound is essential for outdoor events no matter the season. But in Minnesota, our harsh winters can wreak havoc on speaker and PA systems. This results in poor sound quality at best and at worst, no sound at all. If you’re hosting an outdoor event this winter, call MystiQue Sound for a system that will perform flawlessly in the coldest of temperatures. For Minnesotans, the only system to consider is Adamson from MystiQue Sound Solutions.

If They’re Good Enough for the winter Olympics, They’re an Excellent Choice for Your outdoor Event

Adamson equipment is what the pros use on tour. From Jay-Z and Post Malone to John Legend and Linkin Park, professional entertainers require Adamson systems for their shows. The system provides crystal-clear sound and earth-shaking bass that you feel, not hear. For events where high-quality sound is paramount, Adamson is the ideal choice.

Extreme Weather Is What Adamson Handles Best

The game-changing difference between Adamson systems and other speakers is Kevlar®. For years, Kevlar® has been used to improve strength and reduce weight in dozens of products, from canoes to racecar tires. The carbon fiber is thin, lightweight, and incredibly strong.

The cones in Adamson speakers are made of Kevlar® instead of the paper found in other brands of speakers. This enables the Adamson speakers to withstand extreme heat, humidity, and cold without wilting or becoming brittle, both of which ruin sound quality. Adamson equipment does such a great job that it’s what event coordinators for the Olympics and Super Bowl rely on.

Trust Your Event to Adamson and the MystiQue Sound Solutions Team

If you want the sound at your winter outdoor event to perform flawlessly, even in the bitter cold, trust your PA and speaker needs to MystiQue Sound Solutions. We partner with event coordinators, city administrators, and individuals to provide professional-quality sound and PA service. Whether you’re hosting an outdoor ice carving event, fundraising gala, or dream winter wedding, we have the expertise and the equipment to provide you and your guests the best sound experience possible.

To learn more about the Adamson system or schedule a consultation, contact MystiQue Sound Solutions today.



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