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Book Sound and Lighting Services for Your Corporate Holiday Gathering

While many Minnesotans are headed to the State Fair or up to the cabin to soak in the last of summer’s sun, event planners are booking vendors for their corporate holiday parties. The holiday season will be here before we know it, and you don’t want to be left without A/V support for your big event.

Pro Audio Equipment for Your Corporate Party

If you intend to play music, host a band, or make a toast during your holiday party, you need professional audio equipment to make sure all of your guests can hear your message and enjoy the music. Speakers, microphones, mixers, and even equipment for the band may be equipment you need to provide.

While it may be possible to rent equipment from your venue or find a company that will provide mics and a speaker, you are likely better off partnering with a professional sound company like MystiQue Sound Solutions. We have state-of-the-art inventory and experienced staff who will set up your equipment, run it during your event, and take it down once the party’s over.

Event Lighting and Special Effects

To add some drama to your corporate party, lighting and special effects may be the perfect addition to your holiday event. LED lights are extremely portable and energy-efficient, making them easy to set up and less likely to turn your dance floor into a sauna.

If you’re looking for even more flair, consider a fog machine, strobe lights, confetti cannon, and even lasers to impress your guests.

Staging and Rigging for Corporate Holiday Parties

If you’re expecting a real crowd or have rented a venue that doesn’t have a stage, MystiQue Sound Solutions can help. We utilize Staging Concepts to create safe, inobtrusive barricades, railings, and seating for your guests.

Need a stage for speakers or a band? MystiQue can help with that, too. Our experienced event specialists will work with you to come up with a staging and rigging design that meets your needs.

If you’re hosting a holiday party for your employees and their families, now is the time to book your A/V vendor. If you’d like a partner who can help you find the perfect solutions for your event, contact MystiQue Sound Solutions today.