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Fog Machines, Lasers, LED Lights, and Other Spooky Professional Equipment

It’s true—fog machines, lasers, and LED rainbow lights are put to use this time of year at your favorite haunted house or hayride. But professional audio and staging experts like MystiQue Sound Solutions use these special effects tools all year round to create showstopping ambience for performers.

Here’s a look at some of our favorite event lighting and special effects equipment and why we use it.

LED Rainbow Lights

Stage lighting technology has come a long way in recent years. Old can lights used to burn very hot. Changing their hues required a set of color filters. Not so today.

Today’s stage and strobe lights are environmentally friendly LED lights. They don’t burn hot and can change colors at the push of a button. Each LED light incorporates a red, green, blue, amber, and white chip behind a single lens. This removes shadow artifacts and unevenness in the beam, giving your audience a better show.


The fact that lasers are cool isn’t in dispute. Many performers incorporate laser lighting into their shows. This technology can cast multiple beams of light across a stage or across an entire venue. By adding a few well-placed mirrors, and we can create 3-D designs before your audience’s eyes, too.

Fog Machines

Fog machines produce a thick vapor that reflect and refract light. This makes them a great addition to any show that involves a light and laser show. Light and laser beams reflect off the smoke, creating bright beams of light all audience members can see.

Fog machines can also make a performer’s entrance on stage much more dramatic. We’ve all seen shows where a musician or actor emerges from a foggy stage. Indoor shows get the most bang for their fog machine buck, but this useful special effects tool can be use outdoors, too.

Ready to take your show to the next level? Consider incorporating some LED lighting, lasers, and a fog machine. MystiQue Sound Solutions can help you craft an amazing experience for your audience. Contact us today to get started.