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Gear Up for the 2022 Election Season

The 2022 election season is kicking into high gear. The flurry of political events in the Twin Cities will only continue to grow as Election Day grows closer and the weather warms up. Candidates up and down the ballot will be hitting the pavement, kissing babies, and making stump speeches in their cities, counties, and across the state. That’s where MystiQue can help.

Audio Production and Staging Support for Political Events

Indoor or outdoor, intimate dinner or large crowd, the MystiQue team is equipped to provide professional audio production and staging support for your political event. We use the best equipment on the market to custom-design a sound production plan that meets the needs of your event. If you need a stage, risers, lighting, or other staging equipment, or team has you covered, too.

Livestreaming for 2022 Election Political Events

Livestreaming empowers political candidates to expand their reach to a whole new audience. When done well, livestreaming is seamless and easy. When done poorly, it can make a candidate seem out of touch and incompetent. Why leave your reputation up to an intern? Work with the professional audio/video crew at MystiQue Sound Solutions to ensure your livestreamed event goes off without a hitch.

Broadcast Support for 2022 Candidates

When your race attracts national attention, you need to make sure you have the right broadcast team by your side. MystiQue Sound Solutions can provide the audio equipment, tenting, staging, lighting, and audio support for a successful and impactful broadcast.

The 2022 election season is ramping up. As you plan your campaign events, work with MystiQue Sound Solutions to put your best face forward to reach your audience. Contact our team today to discover your options.