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Sound and Broadcast Support for the 2024 Election Cycle

The 2024 election cycle is already in full swing, and things are only going to heat up over the next few months. Have you thought about the sound and broadcast support you will need for your 2024 election campaign events? MystiQue Sound Solutions is here to help support your event, whether you’re giving a stump speech outside to a crowd or hosting a small dinner for supporters.

Sound Production for Political Events

No matter the size of the crowd,, if your audience can’t hear you and your message, the entire effort is wasted. MystiQue Sound Solutions can provide well-maintained, name-brand professional audio equipment to ensure everyone in the audience can hear your message, whether you’re outside at a large rally or indoors at an intimate event.

Looking for hands-on help? Our professional team is available for pre-event consultations and day-of support, from mics and speakers to professional mixing. Need risers and staging? We can help with that, too.

Broadcast Support for Political Events

Many political candidates livestream their political events for maximum reach. With livestreaming, you can reach an online audience in addition to all the people who have come to hear you speak.

Don’t rely on an intern with an iPhone to handle your livestreaming. Trust the MystiQue Sound experts with this important fundraising and outreach effort. We can provide the professional equipment you need to livestream your event as well as a dedicated team member to monitor and manage your livestream to make sure it goes off without a hitch.

Are you expecting the media to attend your campaign event? MystiQue Sound Solutions can provide broadcast support for TV crews, including staging, tents, and other necessities. Broadcasting teams appreciate our consultative approach, expertise, and professional-grade equipment. Check out our work for the 9/11 20th Anniversary Remembrance at the Minnesota State Capitol in 2021.

If you haven’t booked your sound production or broadcast support for your 2024 election campaign events, you still have time. Get in touch with the MystiQue team today to discuss your event