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A Look Back at Two of Our Favorite 2020 Projects

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While COVID-19 certainly put a wrench in many plans for concerts, festivals, weddings, graduations, and corporate events this year, MystiQue Sound Solutions had the opportunity to provide innovative solutions for several socially distanced and virtual events this year. Here’s a look at two of our favorite projects from 2020.

Drive-In Graduation Ceremony | Benilde St. Margaret’s

In June, the MystiQue team had the opportunity to work with Benilde St. Margaret’s to plan a socially distant outdoor graduation ceremony that celebrated the school’s graduates without compromising their health and safety. Our audio and video professionals designed staging with large LED screens and created a dedicated FM transmission so families could listen to speakers while sitting in their cars. The ceremony was streamed online for families to celebrate wherever they were.

Backyard Bash | Neighborhood Outdoor Concert

This summer, we provided the staging, lighting, backline equipment, and sound production for an outdoor concert for a neighborhood in the Twin Cities metro. Because the event began in the late afternoon and continued into the early evening, our staging and lighting had to impress the crowd in daylight and at night. Large graphics and a laser light show complete with fog machine ensured the bands put on a great show no matter their place in the lineup.

2020 provided MystiQue ample opportunities to innovate and get creative. We’re looking forward to bringing our fresh ideas to your 2021 events. For expert sound and video production support for your event, contact the MystiQue Sound Solutions team today.