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Achieve Quick Changeovers at Your Summer Music Festival

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Your headliner is your festival’s money maker—keep them on time, give them their full 90 minutes, and you’ll have a successful event. It all comes down to how well you can keep all the previous acts on time. And that all depends on your ability to execute quick changeovers.

Quick Changeovers Keep Everyone Happy and On Time

While they may not be the big names at your music festival, the bands leading up to the headliner still want their full set times. You may have three or five acts in a row before you bring out your headliner, and each one wants (and deserves) to have their full 30 or 60 minutes on stage.

A changeover is the time it takes for one band to leave the stage and another to take it. Mics, amps, drum sets, risers, and lighting may all change between acts. As you can imagine, removing all of this equipment and replacing it for the next band can take quite some time. MystiQue Sound has several solutions that can keep changeovers fast so your festival runs smoothly.

Embrace the Backline

Backline is a huge time-saver during music festival changeovers. A backline is a standard set of rhythm equipment that all bands share. It includes amps, mics, drum sets, and even bass guitars and other rhythm section instruments.

Not all bands will use every piece of backline equipment. But providing a full assortment of the best equipment in your backline means that you need to move less equipment during changeovers. The new band simply plugs into the equipment on the backline and is ready to play.

Consider Rolling Drum Risers

Some bands require a complicated drum setup. If this is the case for the bands at your festival, consider renting one or more rolling drum risers from MystiQue. Bands can set up their drum set and mics on the riser, which your stage crew can simply roll out onto the stage during the changeover.

Streamline Your Mic Setup

One piece of equipment every festival organizer should consider renting is the Patchmaster by Whirlwind. The Patchmaster has five multipin, color-coded inputs that make changing out mics very fast. It also adds more patching capability while keeping your splitter neat and tangle-free. The exiting band unplugs, new band plugs in, and they’re ready to play. MystiQue can supply you with a Patchmaster and any other sound equipment you’ll need to make your festival a success.

Don’t let slow changeovers delay your summer music festival. MystiQue Sound has the equipment solutions and expertise to keep all of your bands happy and playing. Contact us today to find your changeover solution.