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All About Backline

Though it may not be the most exciting part of the show, backline is an absolutely essential part of any concert or music festival. Poor backline setups can frustrate bands and lead to long transition times between musical acts. Fortunately, MystiQue Sound Solutions is here to help you design the perfect backline using our professional equipment and talented crew.

All About Backline

A band’s backline includes the drum set, guitars, bass guitars, and keyboard. These rhythm section instruments keep the band rocking through their set. Back in the 1960s, backline musicians brought their own amplification equipment to ensure they could be heard across even the largest of venues.

But today, it’s more common for venues or festival organizers to provide backline equipment as well as the technicians to set up and manage it. This is especially advantageous for festivals featuring several groups. Using the same equipment saves set-up time between musical acts and often enables bands to take advantage of a venue’s high-quality equipment and expert staff. It also makes traveling easier on the bands, as they don’t have to lug as much equipment from venue to venue.

The Different Types of Backline Equipment

Speaker cabinets and amplifiers are the two most typical pieces of backline equipment, though bands can request instrument rentals, too. Each backline instrument will require its own amplifier and speaker cabinet. Often, bands will request specific brand names and even model numbers to produce the sound that defines their style.

At MystiQue, we often put backline equipment on wheeled rolling stages to make moving equipment around on stage easy. Not all bands will need every piece of backline equipment. Putting amps, drum sets, and other equipment on wheels makes transitions between acts a breeze.

Renting Backline Equipment

MystiQue Sound Solutions rents backline equipment to both performers and venues. Band managers call us to set up and manage backline equipment, but we often field calls from event coordinators who have been asked to provide equipment for a band they’ve booked.

MystiQue Sound Solutions has years of experience providing high-quality backline amplification and speaker systems for musical acts of all stripes. We can simply rent the equipment out to bands or venues. Or, our technicians can set up and manage the equipment during your event.

You still have time to rent backline equipment for your upcoming music festival or other event. To book your dates or schedule a consultation, contact MystiQue Sound Solutions today