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Sound Solutions for Socially Distant Events

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The MystiQue team is watching the COVID-19 pandemic closely and is following all guidelines from the CDC and the State of Minnesota. Our team is stepping up hand hygiene and practicing social distancing to help slow down the spread of the virus and ensure we are healthy and able to serve you through the pandemic.

From graduations to weddings to corporate outings, the pandemic has put many events on hold or caused them to be cancelled altogether. Some creative event organizers have reinvented their events to comply with social distancing rules while giving students and couples the opportunity to celebrate their important milestones. These inventive solutions are right up our alley at MystiQue Sound Solutions. If you are planning an outside-the-box event that complies with COVID-19 guidelines, we are here to support you.

Socially Distant Graduations

Several school districts are holding drive-through graduation ceremonies to celebrate and honor students while keeping all participants healthy and safe. Instead of gathering together under a big tent or in an auditorium, cars gather in the parking lot to listen to a radio broadcast of speakers. Then, graduates drive through a processional where their diplomas are safely handed off while their names are announced.

Socially Distant Weddings

While the buffet and dancing are out for now, some couples are choosing to adapt their wedding plans rather than put them on hold. Some couples are getting hitched online with dozens of their friends and family participating over video conference. Others are holding small ceremonies in their backyards with one or two loved ones in socially distant attendance.

Socially Distant Corporate Events

Companies are anxious to get back to some semblance of normalcy, too. But large corporate gatherings are likely to be impossible for the remainder of 2020. Instead, companies may choose to hold smaller satellite gatherings or video conferences for their annual meetings and corporate outings.

Professional Audio Solutions for Socially Distant Events

MystiQue Sound Solutions is here to support your social distant event this summer. We can host, manage, and record your livestream and mic the presenters of your video conference. Our team can also prerecord your presenters to ensure their speeches are flawless.

If you are hosting a drive-thru graduation ceremony at your school, Mystique Sound Solutions can also manage all sound production, including the design of an in-car broadcast using your very own FM frequency transmission.

While many events are on hold this summer, with the right audio support, you can make the most of your socially distant event. Contact the MystiQue Sound Solutions team today for more information.