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Protect Your Talent with Crowd Control Barricades

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MystiQue Sound Solutions is committed to designing functional and safe performance spaces for performers. This year, we’ve added crowd control barricades to our staging offerings. This equipment helps concert and festival organizers protect their talent while providing a safe and entertaining event for the audience. Here’s a closer look at our equipment and why you will want to include it in your event plan this summer.

Crowd Control Barricades from Staging Concepts

As we do with every piece of equipment we add to our inventory, we opted for nothing but the best when searching for our crowd control barricades. We settled on steel barricades from Staging Concepts, a brand we’ve trusted for years. Staging Concepts offers durable, good-looking staging that is easy to set up and take down.

Our new heavy-duty crowd control barricades are tough but lightweight, taking just two people to assemble. The panels of the barricade lock into place to create a secure barrier between the crowd and the stage. Our barricades have a black powder-coating finish to help the barricade blend into the rest of the staging and protect it from rust so it will look brand-new for years to come.

Use Barricades to Protect Your Talent and Control Crowds

MystiQue Sound Solutions can provide up to 120 feet of barricade protection for your talent. Usually, event planners hire security guards and place them between the barrier and the stage. Our barricades have convenient steps built in so guards can keep an eye on the crowd while staying safe behind the barrier.

We can install our barricade at indoor and outdoor events. If you are hosting a concert, festival, political rally, or other high-profile event this year, MystiQue Sound has your crowd control covered. Get in touch with us to incorporate crowd control into your event plan.